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-Card story part 1- somehow the gazette fanboy got scare XD

Tora: Firstly Saga show up. Then Reika show up. Then Ryoga show up and with this I’m ready to just call this group of perverts. 

*All laugh*

Tora: Then Yuhra show up again and I thought that the next card that I get would be another pervert but then the muscle show up.*iv*

Nao : But then this is one pair of muscle! *yuhra and Iv*

Tora: Ah! one pair of muscle!

Saga: Then the other play guitar. 

Tora: let’s go with one pair of muscle.

Nao: One pair of muscle and the other three perverts.

*all laugh*

Saga: Then, I’ll be going. Firstly this show up. *kouki* Then this show up. *reno* Then this show up.*tora*  And up until this is fine.

Tora: Up until that is fine?

Saga: Ah! These people got big D*ck! 

*all laugh*

Saga: That’s what I thought! and this show up! *nao* 

*all laugh even crazier*

Nao: What?! 

Staff: Small? *laugh*

Saga: That show up and another one show up! 

Nao: What?

Saga: This one again *joker* 

Tora: That’s joker!

Nao: But that’s joker!

Saga: It’s joker but..

Tora, Nao: Joker can be whatever you want.

Saga: So this big size people, how am i suppose to say this?

Tora: But it doesn’t matter whenever it’s small or big.

Nao: Yeah. It doesn’t matter whenever it’s small or big.

Saga: since it’s joker.

Staff: If it’s not Nao, then who would it be?

Saga: No,emm..When it come to this, Nao should be together with the person who got the same size with him. *he meant the joker* 

Nao : I see. 

(Then Nao)

Nao: Here I go! firstly Kai!

Tora,Saga: Oh~

Nao: Then Aoi~

Tora, Saga: Oh, Aoi~

Nao: Then I’ll leave this empty first. Then, Aoi~

Tora,Saga: Oh!

Nao: Ruki~

Tora,Saga: OHH!

Nao: Then, Reika with Reika the narrow shoulder flush!

*All laugh*

Tora: That’s an incredible flush!

Saga: It went like this right? Bang!*two Aoi cards on top of Reika’s card* 

Nao: Yeah! 

Tora: This is scary!

Saga: I wouldn’t want this!

Tora: These are the righteous cards!

Saga: Now this is a narrow shoulder.

Tora: Who would know when there’s two of them. As expected but this is a whole band scene right? 

Nao: Yeah.

Tora: This band is scary. *reffering to gazette* 

Nao, Saga: Scary right? 

-A bunch of junior/fanboy panic over a few piece of card? XD-

(the top 2 picture)

Tora : Look! It’s so scary that I don’t want to read it!

Saga: I know right! 

(the second one)

Tora: You know, mine is amazing. Firstly, Kai came. 

Saga: oh~~

Tora: Then Uruha came.

Saga: OH! That’s amazing!!

Tora: It’s amazing right? up until now. Then, Aoi came. 

Saga: OHH! It’s amazing!!

Tora: and with this I can win right?

Saga: Yeah!

Tora: There’s no mistake right? and for some unknown reason I came. When I look at this. Eh? It’s all written in kanji! 

Saga, Nao: OHHH!!!

Tora: Since all of it were written in kanji, I pick up a new card and got Yura. 

Saga,Nao: Ahh~~

Stuff: it’s kanji right?

Tora: Yeah. Kanji’s character poker? 

Nao: I see~

Staff : But all of the member’s name are in kanji character. 

Tora: Ahh, I see~

(the last one)

Nao: Here I go. Uruha.

saga,tora: ohh~

Nao: Aoi.

Saga,tora: ohh~~

Nao: Shou!

Saga,Tora: Oh!

Nao: Shou!

Saga,Tora: OHH!

Nao: Reno!

Saga,tora: Eh?

Nao: Then! we have online game straight! 

*all laugh*

-Saga afraid to ride on a plane-

Saga: It’s scary.

Nao: Eh?

Saga: I mean recently there’s an incident happening at Malaysia.

Nao:  Ahh~

Saga: It’s a horrible incident but will we be able to ride it? we’ll ride it! we’ll ride it!

Tora: Yeah and it just seems like it got lost on a storm. 

Saga: We’ll ride it. That’s why, for the sake of our life.

*all laugh*  

Tora: Did they eventually found it? Ah, it’s still lost. 

Saga: We’ll ride it!

Nao: We’ll sail a ship!


-Talking bout pervy stuff and bout going to L’arc en ciel live-

Saga: X Japan got their own X condom, right?

Tora: Yeah and l’arc en ciel make it as their tour good right?

Saga: Yeah and recently shou, hiroto and I went to laruku live. of course the live was really amazing and it seems like they already master the mc part.

Tora: Eh? GazettE make it too,right? (bout the condom) ah! i see! then, Alice nine should…

Nao: alice nine should??

Tora: make one too.

*all laugh*  

Saga discussing bout his birthday event~ 

Saga: That was horrible! The last one is horrible! 

Nao: That was amazing!

Tora: It’s nice!

Saga: The last one is horrible! *the picture at the top*

Tora: The last one is the best! 

Saga: You know, when I was doing the segment. I didn’t know what kind of situation I was in.

Nao: Since you were drinking.

Saga: I thought it was bad but this is the first time I watch this. It was so bad that I got goosebumps! OI! It’s horrible!

Tora: But it suits you~ There’s no other man who suits with that kind of brassiere..

Nao: yeah! 

Saga:If anyone saw this and said that this is cute, they are just stupid! This is disgusting! 

as for this..i don’t know what they’re amuse at but it’s just too cute..XD 

Reita : Argentina’s fan made this~ Ruki! read this!

Ruki : Doumo arigato! (thank you very much!)

Reita: Doumo arigato! What is this? the right one is argentina. the other one? 

Ruki: cordoba?

Reita: what does cordoba mean?

*it’s hard to listen what the staff said*

Reita: Doumo arigato! you’re welcome~ 

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