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-Card story part 1- somehow the gazette fanboy got scare XD

Tora: Firstly Saga show up. Then Reika show up. Then Ryoga show up and with this I’m ready to name this group ‘perverts’. 

*All laugh*

Tora: Then Yuhra show up again and I thought that the next card that I get would be definitely be another pervert but then muscle show up.*iv*

Nao : But then this is one pair of muscle! *yuhra and Iv*

Tora: Ah! one pair of muscle!

Saga: Then the other play guitar. 

Tora: let’s go with one pair of muscle.

Nao: One pair of muscle and the other three are perverts.

*all laugh*

Saga: Then, I’ll be going. Firstly this show up. *kouki* Then this show up. *reno* Then this show up.*tora*  And up until that is fine.

Tora: Up until that is fine?

Saga: Ah! I thought that these people got big D*ck! 

*all laugh*

Saga: That’s what I thought! and this show up! *nao* 

*all laugh even crazier*

Nao: What?! 

Staff: Small? *laugh*

Saga: Then,another one show up! 

Nao: What?

Saga: This one again *joker* 

Tora: That’s joker!

Nao: But that’s joker!

Saga: It’s joker but..

Tora, Nao: Joker can be whatever you want.

Saga: So these big size people, how am i suppose to say this?

Tora: But it doesn’t matter whenever it’s small or big.

Nao: Yeah. It doesn’t matter whenever it’s small or big.

Saga: since it’s joker.

Staff: If it’s not Nao, then who would it be?

Saga: No,emm..When it come to this, Nao should be together with the person who got the same size with him. *he meant for the joker* 

Nao : I see. 

(Then Nao)

Nao: Here I go! firstly Kai!

Tora,Saga: Oh~

Nao: Then Aoi~

Tora, Saga: Oh, Aoi~

Nao: Then I’ll leave this empty first. Then, Aoi~

Tora,Saga: Oh!

Nao: Ruki~

Tora,Saga: OHH!

Nao: Then, Reika and we got Reika the narrow shoulder flush!

*All laugh*

Tora: That’s an incredible flush!

Saga: It went like this right? Bang!*two Aoi cards on top of Reika’s card* 

Nao: Yeah! 

Tora: That’s scary!

Saga: I wouldn’t want this!

Tora: These are the righteous cards!

Saga: Now this is a narrow shoulder.

Tora: Who would know what will happen when there’s two of them. As expected but this is a whole band scene right? 

Nao: Yeah.

Tora: This band is scary. *reffering to gazette* 

Nao, Saga: Scary right? 

-A bunch of junior/fanboy panic over a few piece of card? XD-

(the top 2 picture)

Tora : Look! It’s so scary that I don’t want to read it!

Saga: I know right! 

(the second one)

Tora: You know, mine is amazing. Firstly, Kai came. 

Saga: oh~~

Tora: Then Uruha came.

Saga: OH! That’s amazing!!

Tora: It’s amazing right? up until now. Then, Aoi came. 

Saga: OHH! That’s amazing!!

Tora: and with this I can win right?

Saga: Yeah!

Tora: There’s no mistake right? and for some unknown reason I came. When I look at this. Eh? all the name are written in kanji! 

Saga, Nao: OHHH!!!

Tora: Since all of it were written in kanji, I was searching for another one and when I pick up a new card, I got Yuhra. 

Saga,Nao: Ahh~~

Stuff: it’s all in kanji right?

Tora: Yeah. Kanji’s character poker? 

Nao: I see~

(the last one)

Nao: Here I go. Uruha.

saga,tora: ohh~

Nao: Aoi.

Saga,tora: ohh~~

Nao: Shou!

Saga,Tora: Oh!

Nao: Shou!

Saga,Tora: OHH!

Nao: Reno!

Saga,tora: Eh?

Nao: Then! we have online game straight! 

*all laugh*

-Saga afraid to ride on a plane-

Saga: It’s scary.

Nao: Eh?

Saga: I mean recently there’s an incident happening at Malaysia.

Nao:  Ahh~

Saga: It’s a horrible incident but will we be able to ride it? we’ll ride it! we’ll ride it!

Tora: Yeah and it just seems like it got lost on a storm. 

Saga: We’ll ride it. That’s why, for the sake of our life.

*all laugh*  

Tora: Did they eventually found it? Ah, it’s still lost. 

Saga: We’ll ride it!

Nao: We’ll sail a ship!


-Talking bout pervy stuff and bout going to L’arc en ciel live-

Saga: X Japan got their own X condom, right?

Tora: Yeah and l’arc en ciel make it as their tour good right?

Saga: Yeah and recently shou, hiroto and I went to laruku live. of course the live was really amazing and it seems like they already master the mc part.

Tora: Eh? GazettE make it too,right? (bout the condom) ah! i see! then, Alice nine should…

Nao: alice nine should??

Tora: make one too.

*all laugh*  

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